Watch the recap video for Ontario’s 2022 Week of Appreciation for the Nonprofit Sector

Ontario announces 1st Annual Nonprofit Appreciation Week

It’s happening! After close to 15 months of advocating for the need to recognize Ontario’s  Non-profit sector, Bill 9- An Act to Proclaim A Week of Appreciation for the Nonprofit Sector passed unanimously with the support of all parties in the Ontario Parliament. Thanks to   MPP Daisy Wai’s passionate and strategic leadership, the support of United Way Greater Toronto,  and the Ontario Nonprofit Network and the endorsement of more than 300 organizations and individuals, the third week of February will be celebrated as  Nonprofit Appreciation Week in perpetuity!

Honouring the Nonprofit sector for its economic and social contribution to Ontarians begins this year- February 14-20 2022!  Isn’t it fitting that in this, our first year, it will fall on Valentine’s Day? After all, nonprofit organizations and their staff and volunteers are the heart of every community across the province…..

Appreciation Week Videos

Thank you to the many organizations that submitted videos for the 2022 Week of Appreciation

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Celebrating the Mission-Driven Dedication, Ingenuity

Nonprofit Appreciation Week helps close the recognition gap for a critically important but overlooked sector. Though nonprofit professionals are highly skilled, well-educated, and widely credited with ensuring the well-being of  Ontarians, especially the most vulnerable in our communities, they often go unrecognized for their contributions. That changed in December 2021!.  We are delighted to celebrate the 58,000 mission-driven organizations in Ontario’s nonprofit sector and the 1 million exceptional individuals  and 5.2 million volunteers  who work in them, with the Province, MPP Daisy Wai and our partners,  Ontario Nonprofit Network and United Way Greater Toronto.

Meet the Woman behind the Week

You might be wondering about the incredible woman who ardently championed Bill 9 and the Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week.

MPP Daisy Wai of Richmond Hill is currently the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. She is passionate about the nonprofit sector and their role in helping vulnerable people through the pandemic. 

“A Non-profit Sector Appreciation Week will provide Ontarians with a week-long opportunity to express their gratitude and encouragement to the non-profit workers who play vital roles in building our communities.” — MPP Daisy Wai

MPP Daisy Wai speaking in the Ontario Parliament.

A Special Thank You!

Those featured (in the images above) are among some of the people who brought the Ontario Week of Appreciation for the Nonprofit Sector to life!

We are grateful for your efforts! Without you, we could not have made this week happen!

Nova Scotia planning next Nonprofit Day of Recognition

Preparations are underway for Nova Scotia’s 2nd Annual Day of Recognition for the Nonprofit Sector scheduled for April 29, 2022. 

Nova Scotia was the first province to lead the charge by proclaiming a Day of Recognition for the Nonprofit Sector on October 14, 2020. The Province, United Way Halifax, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia and the Bhayana Family Foundation worked together to host this historic event.

You can watch the ceremony here, as well as award-winning musician Sean McCann’s performance to all the “Good People” who work in Nova Scotia’s nonprofit organizations.

Next stop – Alberta Bound!

United Way Calgary and the Bhayana Family Foundation have begun the process of creating an Alberta Day of Recognition for the Nonprofit Sector. Want to help make it happen? Email us that you would like to be involved.