British Columbia Non-Profit Day 2024

A celebration of the Frontline Champions who work for the charities and non-profits in our British Columbia communities.

October 30 has been proclaimed BC Non-Profit Day - to honour the impactful work of non-profit organizations and gain a deeper understanding of their vital role in supporting communities.

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Let’s give these Everyday Champions the recognition they deserve

Millions of British Columbians seek Non-profit workers out and depend on their support. Frontline Champions are the employees who help people through some of the direst of circumstances to creating experiences that spark joy and happiness. There are 86,000 people who work in British Columbia’s non-profit sector. Including social workers, educators, counselors, artists, athletes, community builders, advocates, marketers, fundraisers, support teams, leaders, and much more. Most, if not all of us, have or know someone who has benefited from their work.

Professionals in other sectors and fields are frequently recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments. Yet, the people who create the social infrastructure for our communities often go unacknowledged, and their contributions are widely unknown. Invisible.

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BC Non-Profit Day Quotes

"As a provincial organization collaborating with a network of fellow non-profit partners, we recognize the pivotal role this sector plays in strengthening our communities. We take pride in acknowledging the dedicated efforts of our staff and volunteers, who tirelessly work to create a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people throughout the province."
— Kahir Lalji, Provincial Director Government Relations & Government Programs, United Way British Columbia

"BC’s non-profit organizations, no matter their size, scale, and mandate, prioritize and contribute to community wellbeing. Embedded in the fabric of each community they serve, BC non-profits respond to local needs with knowledge, compassion, and tremendous efficiency, ensuring social challenges are met with local solutions."
— Erika Stenson - Executive Director, United Way Southern Vancouver Island

BC’s non-profits provide vital services and support to communities throughout the province. Each day, dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly to address diverse challenges and help build healthy, vibrant, equitable, and inclusive communities. BC Non-Profit Day is a celebration of the positive impact they make.
— Kevin McCort, CEO and President, Vancouver Foundation

"Charitable organizations play a critical role in our province by delivering vital services to our communities. The BC Non-Profit Day proclamation further demonstrates the importance of a sustainable and thriving sector that continues to make our region vibrant. Thanks to all the staff and supporters of the sector who are making an impact!"
— Sandra Richardson, CEO - Victoria Foundation

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