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“For our front-line winner it was the external recognition that we, no matter how much we appreciate her, could not convey alone.  It was recognition and tribute and role-modeling. It’s great when you see the value in what it is that you do, but even greater when you acknowledged in the community.”

Executive Director United Way Community Partner

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A thank-you note from a grateful parent

May 19, 2016

“To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of participating in some of the wonderful programs offered at the Caledon Parent-Child Centre. My son, who is now 4 years, is enrolled into the School Here I Come program at the Centre.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate the efforts of all the staff that work there but my special thanks goes to Carol Medhurst or “Mrs. Carol” as all the children call her.

Since my son has been in her care, he has blossomed. His social development is worlds from where we started and the shy boy who would hide under the desks, now dances in front of the crowds. All the positive reinforcement is thanks to Carol.

Carol is an amazing teacher and shows so much loving care to all the children. She makes going to “school” fun. Her patience and nurturing demeanor draw the children to her.

As parent, I am so grateful for the level of care and guidance Joseph is exposed too. He has learned so much out of the School Here I Come program and gets so excited at the mention of “Mrs. Carol’s” name.

It is very obvious that Carol’s position and job is not just another day at work. She puts her heart and soul into her programs and the outcome of her dedication is so rewarding.

Every child in her care excels, one way or another.”

– Testimonial from a grateful parent.

From the Heart: Words about and from our Award Winners

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"Those of us who are lucky enough to work with her know that she’s the definition of irreplaceable. She’s the epitome of dedication. She is the quintessential unsung hero. In nominating her for this award we hope that she finally gets her time in the spotlight."
"Before I entered Women Moving Forward, I was confused about how I was going to achieve goals in my life. While in the program, I realized that all the teachers never gave up on me. They always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. They gave me a drive to keep moving forward and never look back."
"His compassionate heart is the pulse of the organization."
"The program challenges all the negative stereotypes and helps to generate an awareness of the positive roles Black men contribute to society. . . We have seen fathers go from not saying anything to getting the resources they need to help their children’s development. . . It’s important that programs such as More Than a Haircut be recognized for their great community partnership work."
"She is the glue that keeps our organization running smoothly. Her smile and positive attitude help keep team spirits up in the face of any challenge."
"When we think of dedication, we think immediately of the unsung heroes of the non-profit sector. The people who work outside of the spotlight, whose contributions to an organization’s success are significant, but often overlooked. These people provide the solid foundation that every organization needs to achieve a meaningful impact."

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