As COVID-19 grips our country with its grim calculus, essential workers in our not-for-profit sector are responding to unprecedented community needs.

Covid-19 has created many capital “H” Heroes, from our health care professionals, police and firefighters, to our grocers, pharmacists and volunteers. Whether attending to emergencies, saving lives or ensuring that our basic needs are met, they have redefined what dedication and commitment to excellence mean.

Then there are the Invisible Champions of the pandemic response. The professionals who work in Canada’s not-for-profit sector. Challenged by the fierce urgency of the now, they are doubling down on their intrinsic drive to serve vulnerable people, even as they face resource shortages themselves. 

These champions are providing food, shelter, mental health support and other needed services to untold numbers across our country. We thank them for their courage, expertise and dedication. They exemplify the belief that caring is the “real currency that causes a community to flourish.”

If you have a story about an Invisible Champion in your community, send it to us and we will publish it. You can also help us create a nationwide Day of Recognition for community service professionals.

Together, we can shine a light on their essential work.