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Quotes: Day of Recognition for Nonprofit Champions

  1. “The United Way of Bruce Grey supports the creation of an Ontario Day of Recognition for staff of the Nonprofit Sector. This day will shine a light on the critical role of the Nonprofit professionals and highlight the remarkable contributions of the nonprofit sector which were designated as essential services.”

  2. “On behalf of the Parachute, I am writing in support of this important initiative to recognize and celebrate a sector of Ontario’s economy that rarely gets the spotlight – the Nonprofit Sector. Its presence in every community in Ontario, is well known by the millions of Ontarians who access human services or are educated, entertained, or recreate through the arts, sports, or environmentally focused organizations. To say that the sector transforms lives is an understatement.”

  3. “I absolutely love this initiative! Thank you and the Bhayana Family Foundation for shining a light on the fabulous contributions accomplished by the good people within our sector.”

  4. “I’m pleased to let you know that the OCASI Board enthusiastically supported the call for a day of recognition for non-profit staff.”
    —Debbie Douglas, Executive Director Ontario

  5. “What an incredible opportunity you have provided for us to recognize the ‘Champions’ in our sector. Their dedication and commitment to provide service and supports is the backbone of all our organizations.”

  6. “You have my unqualified and enthusiastic endorsement for this initiative. As you know, I have long been a passionate supporter of the non-profit sector and I believe that official recognition for those who work in this field is long overdue.”
    —Helen Burstyn

  7. “This is an important initiative, and our program would be happy to sign on to support it. Thanks for leading this work, and the foundation’s recognition of nonprofit workers.”
    —Susan Phillips

  8. “I happily support the work you are facilitating with the Ontario Day of Recognition.”
    —Andrew Chunilal

  9. “Thank you for your never ending support of the workers in the NFP sector!”
    —Heather Mason Wood

  10. “An official Day of Recognition for the frontline nonprofit workers who help to health the sick, reduce and prevent poverty, nurture arts and culture, protect our environment, support our spiritual growth and create opportunities for sport, recreation and play for people of all ages.”
    —Liz Mulholland

  11. “Happy to add our voice to this, thank you for your leadership on this!”
    —Michael Braithwaite

  12. “Thank you for the great work you are doing through the foundation to encourage the staff and volunteers of the charitable sector”
    —Canadian Centre for Christian Charities

  13. ” ..aiming to build multi-partisan support across the country for a day of recognition for civil society groups, workers and volunteers who contribute so much to our communities. It’s a cool, ecumenical proposal that is gaining momentum in other provinces.”
    —Sean Speer

  14. “What an incredibly timely and needed call to action for this sector. At no time in my memory do I recall the absolute need for recognition and validation of the tremendous work being done by non-profits. What the pandemic has illuminated in certain communities only demonstrates the need to strengthen this sector; something that can be done if it is highlighted through this type of national recognition. As mentioned in your materials, this will not only showcase the benefits of these organizations in addressing some of the most devastating social ills but will direct the necessary investments needed to recruit and retain staff with the requisite skills sets and values. The overall value to our entire country and society is priceless.”
    —Cheryl Prescod, Executive Director, Black Creek Community Health Centre