2019 Halifax Bhayana Family Foundation Awards

Date: Monday, October 7, 2019
Venue: The Halifax Public Library
Keynote: Former Lt. Governor Myra A. Freeman CM ONS MSM
Awards Presentation: Hon. Deputy Mayor of Halifax Tony Mancini
Attendees: Hon. Gary Burrill, Leader of the NDP, MLA Susan Leblanc, MLA Tim Halman

Seven “Everyday Heroes” awarded for their meaningful impact

Every day, people across our city head out to work with Halifax’s residents who are living in poverty. They work long hours, sometimes without overtime pay, doing their best to make sure those people are cared for and get the help they need. They go above and beyond what would be expected in the private sector, they get creative and find ways to stretch small budgets and work around difficult barriers. They are the everyday heroes working on the front-line for our city’s non-profit organizations.

On October 7, with the support of the Bhayana Family Foundation, we were honoured to present seven awards to these everyday heroes making meaningful impacts in our community. Thank you to The Honourable Myra Freeman for joining us, to Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini for handing out the awards, and the other elected officials, non-profit organizations, family and friends of the award recipients.

MLA Susan LeBlanc congratulates the Bhayana Award winners in the Legislature.

Nova Scotia Minister of Community and Social Services, Kelly Regan, thanks and recognizes the 2019 Bhayana Award winners.

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