Community Impact Sector Day of Recognition 2024

We are so very grateful to the Hon. Tim Houston for proclaiming the 4th Annual Day of Recognition for the Nonprofit Sector.


The Community Impact Sector Day of Recognition is a celebration of the influence of this sector's work, which reaches every corner of Nova Scotia. The sector’s role includes trust-building and strengthening social ties, important advocacy efforts, therapeutic and wellness supports through arts and recreation, and giving people the connections and experiences to be able to tap into their whole selves. The sector has long been an incubator for generating ideas for a better Nova Scotia – one that centres relationships, creativity, community, and equity. Our goal is to surface the essential role that impact organizations play for the people of this province, pushing for change, and improving collective quality of life, for everyone.

Please join us for a celebration of all those who work in the community impact sector with a full day of activities, performances, and awards. The morning’s capacity building workshops for sector staff and organizations will focus on how to amplify your stories of impact and how to leverage media to influence change. The afternoon, which hosted by Portia White of CBC Information Morning for Mainland Nova Scotia, will feature live art performances and the presentation of 20 Invisible Champion Awards by the Bhayana Family Foundation to deserving sector employees and organizations.

Recap Video of Nova Scotia's 2023 Day of Recognition


Information Morning - NS with Portia Clark: Invisible Champion - Erin Desmond
Information Morning - NS with Portia Clark: Invisible Champion - Karen and Neville Provo
Information Morning - NS with Portia Clark: Invisible Champion - Roxanne Auger
Riverview Home Volunteer Association speaking with CBC.
Meet Annika Voltan, the dynamic Executive Director of Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia speaking with CBC.

What’s Planned

– 2:30pm –

Doors open, people create their name tags and take their seats

– 2:45pm –

Event begins

Opening remarks & land acknowledgement – Sara Napier (3 mins)

Welcome from Emera/Nova Scotia Power – Lia MacDonald, Board member, United Way Halifax

Blessing from Emmanuel Baptist Church (5 mins)

Thank you and transition to Awards – Sara (3 mins)

Winners 1-7 – Michelle (15 mins)

Sector news – Annika Voltan (3 mins)

Winners 8-14 – Lisa (15 mins)

Dave Ladouceur, Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre (5 mins)

Dee Dee Austin (3 mins)

Proclamation, ADM DCS, Nicole Johnson Morrison (7 minutes)

Winners 15-20 – Mike Avery (15 mins)

Thank you – Raksha Bhayana (5 mins)

Closing remarks – Mike Savage (5 mins)

Final Thank you – Sara (1 min)

Quotes from Award Recipients

This is great! Thank you for this information and for considering our application, we are most appreciative of this award and will undoubtedly attend the ceremony.I will send our RSVP right away. Thank you again.
— Dr. Denise K. Daley (Executive Director, Parker Street Food & Furniture Bank)

Thanks Sara and thanks especially to Krista for all of her continued work and commitment to the families, children, and community served by the YWCA. It's hard to imagine people more deserving of this award than Krista and Twyla. They're both amazing.
— Miia

Dear Sara, This is a welcomed surprise! It is an honour to be selected as one of the recipients of the Bhayana Family Foundation Invisible Champion Awards, and to be recognized as an appreciated advocate in the non-profit sector. The community that I lead is definitely a big inspiration for what I do and contribute every day. Thank you, again!
— Mukthar Limpao (Executive Director and Community Leader, L’Arche Cape Breton)

Good morning Omolara and Sara, Omolara and Tomisin, this was an obvious choice to nominate you all. You're doing wonderful work and it was an honour to submit this! I would be pleased to attend the event as well Sara, thank you!
— Liz

I honestly do not have words….Thank you so very much. I will absolutely attend.
— Shauna Ferrar (Client Service Supervisor, Dartmouth Adult Services Centre)

Sara, Thank you so much. This is an unexpected joy for me, to be recognized by United Way in way of the Bhayana Family Foundation Invisible Champion Award. It means the World to me that, Executive Director of Centre for Women in Business, Tanya Priske, my boss, considered my work worthy of this level of recognition, is precious to me. Often on the journey of building the SPICE program, I was unsure of what I was building, but was certain that I had to build sometime, to advance women in the small food business sector. I am honoured, and I accept the award and prize.
— Natalie Frederick-Wilson (Centre for Women in Business)

So richly deserved! Amazing news. Thanks, Sara.
— Henk

Our Gratitude to the Former Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia, The Hon. Myra A. Freeman, for her leadership in creating the historic first Nova Scotia Day of Recognition for the Nonprofit Sector.

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