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Special Notes of Thanks from the 2022 Greater Toronto Bhayana Family Foundation Awards

  • Looking forward to another wonderful event hosted by the Bhayana Family Foundation.
  • Your Foundation’s work is inspiring, and I especially endorse your advocacy for establishing a Day of Recognition for Non-Profit staff. Other than signing the petition, is there another way I may help?
  • Thank you for supporting innovation in our communities…
  • Thank you for this award and for acknowledging the work and effort of our team. It’s generous, kind, and helps our team and peer supporters know that their work and contribution makes a difference and is recognized in the community. 
  • I’m grateful that you are acknowledging my passion and work which I do to create a difference in peoples’ lives to improve and strengthen the community.
  • Due to COVID-19 it has been a challenging couple of years. Due to our many partners like United Way, we were still able to help those in need, especially our seniors who were shut in. We were able to deliver meals to them. I am so humbled to be nominated for this award. It was a team effort that we were able to continue doing the work that we love – being able to provide service to our clients.
  • I am very delighted for recognizing my work and ability. I appreciate it.   
  • Thank you for the recognition and hard work by the Bhayana Family Foundation for setting this up! 
  • Feeling very honored to be nominated. 
  • Appreciative of the nomination
  • Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am humbled and truly honoured!
  • So incredibly grateful for the Bhayana Family Foundation for recognizing our incredible Amanda Hadida! 
  • Congratulations to Tejal for her dedication and efforts on achieving the Bhayana Family Foundation Award.
  • Congratulations and Celebrations to all the winners, 
  • Looking forward to the event as Deborah has given youth the opportunity to excel and to showcase the talents that each has within them. Congratulations to Deborah Jules.
  • I am amped up for this!!
  • I’m very thrilled to be nominated, and quite grateful.
  • So excited and honoured for the team.
  • Can’t wait to see my deserving friend Andrea get recognized for her amazing work with homeless youth!