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“Most Canadians have likely engaged with a charity or nonprofit at some point in their lives. Charities play an essential role in communities across Canada. Great outcomes are achieved when charities and governments work together – examples include drunk driving legislation and smoke-free workplaces.”


Let’s Create an Ontario Day of Recognition!

This past October, Nova Scotia created history by proclaiming the first-ever Day of Recognition for Nonprofit Champions. Now we are setting our sights on Ontario. For the business case for an Ontario Day of Recognition please read about the over 100 Ontario organizations-for profit and nonprofit supporting the Day of Recognition (View PDF).

Please lend your voice to our campaign to recognize the extraordinary professionals in Ontario’s non-profit sector and the importance of their work to our quality of life.

If you live outside Ontario and would like to see a Day of Recognition in your province, please email raksha.m@bhayanafoundation.org.

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CCCC Supports a Day of Recognition for Nonprofit Champions

CCCC members in Ontario have an opportunity to be part of a positive and encouraging effort in honour of professional staff in the nonprofit sector. The Bhayana Family Foundation has partnered with the United Way for over a decade to recognize those working in the nonprofit sector through its awards, and now the foundation has begun petitioning provincial legislatures to establish a Day of Recognition for Nonprofit Champions.

Raksha M. Bhayana, the CEO of the Bhayana Family Foundation, would like to include partners from the faith community in building support for this initiative. Ministry organizations are welcome to lend their voices to this campaign to recognize the extraordinary professionals in the nonprofit sector and the importance of their unseen work to quality of life in Canada.

As a result of action to date, the province of Nova Scotia held a Day of Recognition for Nonprofit Champions on October 14, 2020. Efforts are now underway to establish the same in Ontario, with the goal of eventually engaging all provinces and then going national. Watch Raksha’s invitation to provincial leaders across Canada.

Partnered with United Way of Greater Toronto and Ontario Nonprofit Network, the Bhayana Family Foundation is petitioning the Ontario Legislature in promotion of a Day of Recognition for Nonprofit Champions in Ontario. CCCC has signed the petition, and you may as well.

The Bhayana Family Foundation was formed upon acknowledgment that resources for recognition of staff in nonprofit organizations are scarce compared to resources available to employees in the private sector. It wishes to recognize the everyday heroes who work tirelessly to support millions of Canadians through social and economic contributions that improve wellbeing and transform lives. The foundation believes that public recognition of the nonprofit sector will lead to a better appreciation of the sector’s contribution to the common good in action.

CCCC feels it is important for Christian ministries to lend our voices to this movement, as it supports the recognition of the value of not only individual contributions of ministry workers but also the Halo Effect of the impact of those contributions on society. To lend your voice, sign the petition today.

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Canada’s First Day of Recognition for the NonProfit Sector!

Nova Scotia takes the lead in Canada to honour its Nonprofit Sector!

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