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“Most Canadians have likely engaged with a charity or nonprofit at some point in their lives. Charities play an essential role in communities across Canada. Great outcomes are achieved when charities and governments work together – examples include drunk driving legislation and smoke-free workplaces.”


Let’s Create a Day of Recognition!

It is time for the Canadian community to join in and be inspired by the passion, ingenuity and commitment of the human service sector. We are calling for a Day of Recognition for the Not-for-Profit Champions in our communities.

Raksha M. Bhayana speaks to the Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector about creating a National Day of Recognition (18:37-18:45).

Here’s how you can take action:

Together, we will make this happen.

Please take 60 seconds (or less) to amplify our ask by filling out the form below. A letter with automatically be sent on your behalf to:

  • Premier Doug Ford
  • Associate Minister Michael Tibollo
  • Minister of Health Christine Elliott
  • Minister of Children Community and Social Services Todd Smith
  • Minister of Long Term Care Merrilee Fullerton

Advocacy Letter Form

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Volunteer! Become part of something great

Even heroes need a helping hand. Our Champions especially need a helping hand during the pandemic. Virtual volunteer opportunities are also available. If you have some extra hours that you’d like to contribute to your community, United Ways and their funded agencies will be grateful for your support. Not only will you be assisting in their valuable work, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills while improving the lives of people in need.

Contact your local United Way and ask to speak with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Photos © United Way Greater Toronto

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We are calling for a Day of Recognition for the Frontline Champions in our communities.

  • Do you know someone who has been helped by a non profit?
  • Please join our advocacy campaign for a Day of Recognition.
  • You will make a difference.

Help Create this Day!