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  • Kelcie Swartout

    For routinely going above and beyond her job description to ensure products and projects are completed at a high level of quality and efficiency. She troubleshoots problematic scenarios before they happen and has many intangibles that lend positive influence to any project she touches. •

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  • Jamilah Joseph

    For inspiring her team members to perform to the heft of their abilities and to do what they can to achieve greater impact in the community. She has a great vision for the team, and strengthens all individuals with her leadership.

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  • Vivian Lee

    For demonstrating exemplary leadership, integrity and performance every day. She empowers those who work closely with her, and inspires her team to want to achieve more in their work.

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  • Kirin Kadavil

    For being committed to her own personal learning, and problematic scenarios before they happen and has many understanding that in order to lead change, it requires intangibles that lend positive influence to any project she change in the sector as well as change within herself.

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  • Lynn McKendrick

    For striving to empower her coworkers, and giving them an opportunity to challenge themselves and shine in the organization. She sees the bigger picture and helps ensure strategies are aligned with our vision.

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  • Connie Hamilton

    Under Connie’s leadership, her team has consistently surpassed dollar goals year after year, growing the number of Major Donors, and increasing the average gift size. nies relationships with her team members extend past office hours. She is a caring, friendly presence, and leads by example. Connie not only inspires a shared vision through the work […]

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  • Fran Blacklaws

    Fran Blacklaws is instrumental in the smooth running of United Way of Calgary and Area, and key to the polished front we present to the community. Lucy Miller regularly remarks that Fran is the best partner she has ever had; a sentiment that is shared across the organization. Fran came into her current role in […]

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  • Charla Vall

    CHARLA VALL is an absolute natural leader who has been leading the charge with three of United Way’s agencies (CUPS, Distress Centre and Red Cross) to evaluate the true values of providing Basic Needs to our most vulnerable populations over the past two years. This project has been ground-breaking in establishing new practices amongst community […]

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