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  • Community Coordination Plan Coordinators Team (12)

    Team Members: Courtney Ayukawa, Tereza Coutinho, Annique Farrell, Ronni Gorman, Julia Harbinson, Jasmin Kay, Janine Manning, Iris Mushiti, Michelle Smith, Chris Thompson, Sandi Trillo, Julie Warrington. This team was recognized for their dedication, resilience and seamless coordination of the COVID-19 response to vulnerable residents. They focused on community organization needs and addressed gaps and issues […]

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  • YOUnited Intranet Project Team (9)

    Team Members: Amanda Stephens, Elena Kroupa, Ena D’Altroy, Ashley Durk, Chris Walsh, Rhomil Baylon, Sidhra Yakub, Katelyn Field, Mia Holmgren. This cross-functional project team brought to life an intranet solution that blended new technology and functionality with simple, accessible content and great graphics. The reimagining required vision, creativity and dedication. The team showed how departments […]

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  • Ciaran McGeown

    Ciaran is a strong driver of change. He supports and inspires individuals with his passion for our cause, positive can-do attitude, persistence and respect for everyone. He embraced new innovative ways to grow accounts. He has also built relationships and experiences to contribute to a positive and collaborative work culture at and beyond United Way.

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  • Yared Belayneh

    2020 M-B AWARD – Calgary Yared is a compassionate leader who strives to understand the person he is speaking to before understanding the project at hand. He always demonstrates patience when explaining complex topics and encourages questions. Over the last year, I have worked with him on a few different projects where he has demonstrated […]

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  • Women Moving Forward

    Before I entered Women Moving Forward, I was confused about how I was going to achieve my goals in life. . . While in the program. . . I realized that all the teachers that were in Women Moving Forward, never gave up on me. They always believed in me even when I didn’t believe […]

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