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  • DRM 4 Equity Working Group

    Adam Hess, Alpa Patel, Lyndsay Nugent, Monika Go, Nayeon Kim, Samra Habib | Nominated by Nicole McVan, Mary Cranston, Rosalind Franklin, and Alka Graham This group, committed to leading this work, represented the communities we serve and set a model for a future of philanthropy that is built in solidarity with our communities and each […]

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  • Ronnie Gorman

    Ronni Gorman | Nominated by Juneeja Varghese and Alex Dow Over the last year, Ronni demonstrated that she is a trusted and respected by partners and residents, and built a strong rapport within the community sector. Ronni models a genuine passion for the community, assuring community is at the centre of everything she does and […]

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  • Paul Chamberlain

    Paul co-led an initiative to make the Toronto Enterprise Fund’s processes more accessible to organizations led by and serving the Black community. He developed the Black-focused Employment Social Enterprise (ESE) Idea Accelerator by reaching out internally and externally to Black leaders to understand barriers Black social entrepreneurs were facing, and how best to dismantle those […]

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  • Gift Processing Team (4)

    Team Members: Alketa Kice, Demi Jin, Lori Ferron, Sandra McGlynn The Gift Processing Team is recognized for their significant contributions to our collective campaign success and for shining a light on the importance of donation processing. This group took on new roles, moving out of their comfort zones to learn and embrace new challenges, and […]

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  • Juneeja Varghese

    Juneeja played a key role in the design and implementation of a neighborhood food distribution hub model that saw 162,500 meals deployed to key areas of the region experiencing high food insecurity. As our representative on the Emergency Food Table, Juneeja stepped out of her traditional job functions to directly work with and support key […]

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  • Keisa Campbell

    Keisa is recognized for her remarkable leadership in bringing an equity lens and focus to community investment, granting, and evaluation processes. Her commitment to collaboration and passion for antiĀ­ racism work led to the development of our Community Investment Equity and Reconciliation Action Plan and the formation of the Equity and Reconciliation Working Group. Keisa […]

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