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  • Deepa Mattoo

    1. You are an advocate par excellence Deepa. You must have faced challenges galore. What are some of the achievements that you are most proud of? In my life, I experienced many forms of oppression: sexism in the early part of my life in India, racism and discrimination as a racialized person and foreign-trained professional […]

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  • Rural Employment Initiative

    (3 members – Manjula Gopal, Neil Harris, Tetyana Maksymenko.) The Rural Employment Initiative (REI) team is a unique team that was created and developed at the Newcomer Centre of Peel 6 years ago to streamline immigrant settlement by assisting rural communities in developing and implementing newcomer attraction and retention strategies and facilitating the movement of […]

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  • The Collective

    (5 members – Cynthia Downey, Karen Hoffmann-Zak, Kary McIntosh, Shiva Maleki, Song Sha.) Each member of The Collective at the Times Change Women’s Employment Service plays an important role of leader, responsible for making critical decisions and strategically prioritizing the agency’s future goals as well as the double-duty honour of being front line workers (counsellors, […]

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  • Culturally Competent Recovery College

    (36 members – Alan Lam, Cecilia Yung, Cici Ho, Clara Lee, Derek Du, Elsa Chu, Emillie Nguyen, Erica Wan, Hearan Jin, Jade Zhang, Jason Wong, John Huang, Joseph Shan, Julia Mo, Katie Chen, Kim Nguyen, Kitty Wong, Kyeong Won,  Linda Wen, Liping Peng, Mei Cai, Michael Wong, Mony Mok, Moshe Sakal, Na Young Suh, Quoc […]

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  • Food Systems initiative frontline team

    (3 team members – Clarence Snow, Desrene Cole, Krystyne Gunnis) At a time when The East Scarborough Storefront (The Storefront) was forced to close their doors to the physical building due to COVID19, the Food Systems team’s exceptional efforts to stay connected to local residents throughout this challenging time surfaced an existing food insecurity in […]

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  • Ensuring Service Continuity to Vulnerable Adults

    Because the organization services adults with developmental disabilities, it was crucial that the programs and support services offered continued without interruption when the community was hit by several waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure that this vulnerable population group continued to be supported. Because the imposed upon restrictions were unprecedented, the organization […]

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  • Lori MacLead

    Lori began her journey with Yellow Brick House as a volunteer and since joining their staff team over a decade ago, she has managed the properties at three locations, ensuring the grass gets cut, the plumbing works, security cameras are running, walls are repaired and painted, furniture is moved, and appliances are repaired. Lori builds […]

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  • Deborah Jules

    For close to 20 years, Deb Jules has served as manager of the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre Drop-In and has been responsible for a growth in service that now has over 300 service users a day. Deb works with her staff, volunteers, placement students and program facilitators to continually improve the service user experience and […]

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  • Junior Taylor

    The murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in the US in the summer of 2020 sparked a new awakening and a deeper awareness about the severity and impact of anti-Blackracism in our communities. The global response, and that of the Black Lives Matter movement, became a renewed call to action. Junior recognized […]

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  • Andrea Mondano

    Andrea works tirelessly with the Housing program to support to find and maintain permanent housing for YWS’s in house clients and former residents that she visits in the community, even at the height of the pandemic. Andrea has on many occasions has gone above and beyond her call of duty to save a clients housing […]

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