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  • Doreen Williams

    Doreen has built an organization that is Indigenous-led and staffed to support urban Indigenous Elders and seniors. The Circle of Wisdom was born when she hosted a dinner for Elders and listening to them talk about the need for a welcoming and healing space to gather that would support Elders and seniors regardless of where […]

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  • Tara Selinger

    Tara is always looking for ways to create warm welcoming spaces and programming for the Bob Bahan Hub. Tara has taken on the challenge of single-handedly leading the Bob Bahan Hub Site in the Greater Forest Lawn Community and risen to the task time and time again. Not one for the spotlight, Tara has used […]

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  • Bukola Ojemakinde

    Bukola brought Bridge to Oasis Foundation to life during the pandemic, noting the lack of supports for Black and African seniors in the city that was exacerbated with the effects of isolation. Bridge to Oasis is a grassroots organization relying on the Black and African community to support each other while also partnering with established […]

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  • Jessica White

    Jessica stands as an exemplar of innovative leadership in the realm of community service and social change. Her visionary approach, deeply rooted in human-centered design principles and social innovation, has redefined the way the organization mobilizes volunteers to support seniors in the community. Her ability to infuse a human design approach and social innovation into […]

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  • Sarah Rosenfeld

    Sarah is the leader of the counsellor training programs at CCC and has exemplified innovative leadership through the development and implementation of a hybrid onboarding and orientation platform for CCC students. Her innovative approach demonstrates her commitment to optimizing the learning experience for both students and staff. By introducing this platform, Sarah has made it […]

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  • Azita Afsharneiat

    Azita has been working closely with the Healthy Aging Alberta team at United Way Calgary and Area to launch an initiative that brings together immigrant-serving organizations throughout the province to discuss relevant and persistent challenges faced by organizations in service delivery for older adult immigrants. She has been looking for a way to bring organizations […]

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  • Kim Brudrit

    Kim is the collective impact lead for the Dementia Network Calgary and demonstrates a commitment to partnership and collaboration through her role in coordinating the work of the DNC and strategic advisory council. Kim and her team underwent a significant process of co-designing a Community Strategy Map around addressing dementia in Calgary and Area. This […]

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  • Hiroko Nakao

    Hiroko has been working in the Financial Empowerment department at Momentum for 10 years, focused largely on helping the most marginalized participants gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to better manage their finances. Hiroko‚Äôs work in the Money Matters program was based in the mental health and addictions sector, where participants with those […]

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  • Amber Qureshi

    Amber has been working in social services since 2010, and currently works with PCHS Calgary as a Community Engagement Coordinator. PCHS is a grassroots not for profit organization offering culturally and linguistically appropriate counselling services to the South Asian community in Calgary. Amber has taken the community reach of PCHS Calgary to another level through […]

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  • David Kirby

    David Kirby is a clinical services manager at the Distress Centre in Calgary. He has been a leader in the Emotional Wellness Response Team (EWRT) collaborative for over a decade. The team is a collaborative of 13 Calgary based non-profit and government organizations who collectively provide emotional wellness during disaster responses in Calgary. In his […]

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