2010/2011 Business and Financial Planning Team

2010/2011 Business and Financial Planning Team

2009 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Team Achievement

Alex Chambers, Bela Frazao, Denise Luck, Kathryn Minns, and Naaz Mohamed

Nominator Comments:

The Business and Financial Planning 2010/2011 team developed and implemented a new, fully integrated Business and Financial Planning process for 2010/11 — a project that was key to strengthening United Way Toronto’s annual business and financial planning processes.

From the beginning the team established an excellent process with clear timelines to ensure all fully understood the expected deliverables. Collectively, the team went above and beyond the call of duty regularly.

As consummate professionals, they worked to ensure that strong linkages between the business planning deliverables and resource implications were created, shared and maintained.

In the words of their nominator, “The fiscal and financial planning team consistently demonstrated the principles of teamwork in that no matter who you asked for help they were able to assist and were up to date on all the issues. And, they did all of this with great patience, support and humour.”

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