Adanech Sahilie

2020 Community-Building (C) Award - Calgary

Project Facilitator

Action Dignity (RAVE)

Nominator Comments:

Adanech is one of the most dedicated community leaders, advocates and organizers. No matter the scale of the issue, she has been able to bring people together to find practical ways of helping, by mobilizing not just her own efforts but the entire community. This has been especially important during the pandemic where some communities – especially those with many people working front line essential services – have been hit extremely hard. The RAVE program is an emergency response program that addresses the impact of COVID 19 on ethno-cultural communities. RAVE project supported more than 23 ECCs to meet urgent needs of individuals and families that helps people who have urgent needs because of COVID-19 and who cannot have their needs met by other service providers. Adanech has been working tirelessly at night ,weekends to help 23 grassroot organization to implement their project. She helped discriminated meat processing workers rights during their struggle with COVID19 pandemic. She actively advocated for the rights and benefits of Cargill and JBS Meat Processing Plant Employees who were impacted by the virus, and worked with their union/UFCW and Alberta Labor Federation. She also took a lead role in organizing an online event that brought together workers from Mexican, Filipino, East African, and other communities to share their and their families’ stories, and to advocate together both to the union and employers.Adaneche’s instinct is not to hold onto leadership herself but to spread it out to many others.

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