Ajith Aluthwatta

2009 Innovation Award - Toronto


Nominator Comments:

Ajith Aluthwatta is a strong supporter of Green Settlement and has driven CultureLink to great heights with his innovative thinking. When CultureLink and the Toronto Cyclist Union launched the Newcomer Cycling Outreach Program, Ajith was the first person to spread the word with his mastery of public relations – skillfully designing flyers, banners and posters that were distributed throughout the city. Ajith went to great lengths to ensure that newcomer communities were aware of the new program and as a result, an overwhelming number of newcomers and community organizations flocked to CultureLink which is now the leading organization in Green Settlement — all due to Ajith’s enthusiasm and efforts.

To quote his nominators: “Practicing what you preach is often heard in reference to Ajith. He can often be heard talking about the health and environmental benefits of cycling. Ajith’s enthusiasm, creativity and innovative thinking has raised awareness of the ways in which we can all participate and contribute to protecting our environment. In every realm of life, Ajith is known to strive for change.”

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