2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Veronica Marsman and Team, Dartmouth

Nominator Comments:

Akoma’s mandate is to serve the African Nova Scotian community. Founded by and for this community, the land sits in trust for development to serve Nova Scotia’s largest African Nova Scotian population in the Preston Townships and surrounding area. Following the African Nova Scotian Road to Economic Prosperity (REP) Action Plan, Akoma is focused on addressing historic and systemic issues to improve the economic outcomes for African Nova Scotians. Of the Akoma’s three key strategic priorities focused primarily on the second priority which is to: establish land ownership, develop infrastructure and attract investment. We want to build facilities so that the largest Black and African Nova Scotian population in Nova Scotia can thrive. Akoma is focused on the principle of proper stewardship of the land in our trust. We have the property to build on but want to ensure the facilities on the property meet the highest standards of environmental stewardship to minimize impact, decrease our costs, and to ensure long-term sustainability. We want our legacy to focus on responsible and environmentally sustainable development of the property and are working hard to ensure that all facilities and spaces meet the best practices in environmental stewardship. We are focused on using solar farms, geothermal. technology, electrical charging stations, and heat pumps to ensure our facilities are close to net-zero emissions. Akoma is being built for the community, by the community.

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