Staff Member

Staff Member

2013 Dedication Award - York Region

Yellow Brick House

Nominator Comments:

This staff memeber has been with Yellow Brick House for 23 years and has proven herself to be an exceptionally strong and dedicated advocate on behalf of the abused women she supports through their legal journey to live a life free of violence. In all that she does, both professionally and personally, she is the consummate believer in the strength and power of women to overcome their hardships and move forward in a positive light.

An example of this is the undeniable fact that she has dedicated 23 years of her life to this organization, our mission and vision.

Every clients experience and circumstance is different; however, this staff member truly believes that each and every outcome should be the best it can be. This is why she has dedicated herself to helping women break free from violent situations, legally, through the proper court channels and is always standing beside her clients during court proceedings. 

During her 23 years with the agency, this staff member has seen many changes in the legal system.  She continues to expand her learning through research and trainings to insure that her skills are as up to date and applicable as possible for the clients she is serving.

She helps to guide Yellow Brick House clients through the labyrinth that is our legal system in order to assist them in being safe and secure and receiving the most favourable decision and package that they are entitled to.  Her support and knowledge is invaluable to her clients and her consistent presence by their side during legal proceedings sets her apart. Her high quality of service has been recognized by clients, as many will return to the courthouse years later for further support.  Her knowledge of the Family Law system is so highly respected that she often has some of the lawyers in the courthouse seek her out for advice on their casework.

Being one of the humblest and “behind the scenes” individuals we have at Yellow Brick House, combined with her support and dedication to the cause and her clients, inspired this nomination. She is a very honest and caring individual, as shown by her immense loyalty and her long-standing history at Yellow Brick House. She is never one to ask for recognition; she does what she does because she loves her job and her clients and fights for what she believes in. She has inspired many colleagues by her unfailing devotion to our mission and her optimistic view of life. She is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is individual who works tirelessly to get the job done.

This staff member is greeted by name, like a beloved family member, when she is in the court buildings. She is well respected and has an amazing reputation within the community. Clients who have had the pleasure of working with Alice, despite their circumstances, sing high praises years after they have moved on.

The impact of her work can best be summed up by a story I heard told at our annual gala by one of our clients. This individual, after suffering much abuse at the hands of her spouse, left the family home and moved into our shelter with her children. Once there, she received support from various departments within Yellow Brick House. However, it was her court battles against her abuser that stood out. The process to obtain what was legally and rightfully hers was a long and fearsome battle, and every step of the way, she was right there beside her – offering her strength, wisdom, guidance and support. In the end, after almost a two year fight, the case was settled and the client was able to move on with her life. This is just but one example of Alice’s inspirational work and impact on community members.

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