Allison Haskins

Allison Haskins

2017 Dedication Award - Greater Toronto

Volunteer Coordinator

Big Brothers Big Sisters of York

Nominator Comments:

Allison began her relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters of York as a volunteer, in-school mentor to two boys. She’s since become a passionate and tireless advocate for providing mentors to help children and youth thrive—and consistently goes above-and-beyond in support of her agency’s goal. She’s also highly dedicated to her colleagues’ success, and has been known to come back from community events with donations and leads on new youth mentors. She happily volunteers her time to help out after-hours and rarely says ‘No’ when asked for help! She’s also committed to creating a positive workspace and is known to do excellent work that contributes to many projects being completed on time and on budget. She uses her abundance of knowledge and spirit to be a helping hand to so many.

To quote her nominators: “From bringing camp applications to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend summer camps, to organizing the donation and distribution of new books to rural schools and libraries, Allison wears her heart on her sleeve every single day.”

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