Allison Sharpe

Allison Sharpe

2014 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

United Way of Canada

Nominator Comments:

Allison has a pulse on everything her team is involved in. She welcomes and encourages the thoughts and ideas of her team members, and works diligently to build the leadership capacity of her team. Allison works side-by-side with her staff and has created an environment where all members are committed and motivated to work together collaboratively to make our team.

Allison is a champion for her team both personally and professionally. She is supportive, thoughtful, and asks the right questions to ensure outcomes are effective and in line with larger team goals. In addition to having an open door policy, she remembers details about your family, takes a moment to check in to see how you’re doing – Allison’s genuine care and authentic leadership for the members of her team has been greatly appreciated.

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