Amos Kambere

Amos Kambere

2017 Dedication Award - Lower Mainland

Umoja Operation Compassion Society

Nominator Comments:

When I think of the word “dedication,” Amos Kambera is a man who encompasses and displays what this word truly means. Amos has shown selfless leadership and committed countless volunteer hours to supporting newcomer immigrant and refugee families at Umoja Operation Compassion Society. Amos has continued to volunteer as Executive Director to ensure that the organization utilized all dollars for the continued operation of Umoja-run programs and Initiatives. He has consistently come to the office each day after his work with Canada Post, to touch base with staff and work on any Umoja-related work, as well as attend meetings and events during the work day when he was able to take time off from his job. It was not unusual for Amos to commit weekend hours to Umoja work and supporting families.

Now that Amos has retired from Canada Post, he has committed to being at Umoja each day to be more involved with onsite operations and to help build capacity for Umoja and to better extend its reach into the community. As a manager, it has been an honor and a privilege working alongside Amos. While he wasn’t always able to be present in person at the office, he continued to be available whenever there were questions or decisions to be made.
His passion and dedication to supporting newcomer families is truly Inspiring and motivates not only myself, but so many others in going above and beyond to ensure newcomers are supported and able to integrate Into the community. Amos has a remarkable way of rallying and building community support to advocate on behalf of the newcomer community and to build strong partnerships within Surrey to better meet the needs of newcomer families. I would highly recommend Amos receive the Bhayana Family Foundation Award for Dedication, as he strongly exemplifies what is means to selflessly serve others with unwavering commitment and dedication.

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