Assisted Living Downsview Acres (ALDA)

Assisted Living Downsview Acres (ALDA)

2013 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

Downsview Services for Senior (The S.P.O.T)

Nominator Comments:

The Assisted Living Downsview Acres (ALDA) team of 10 Personal Support Workers (PSWs) was hired in late December 2012 to provide services to seniors at the new Assisted Living Site. The 10 people had previously worked independently in the community with very little connection to other PSWs. These different individuals understood that the success of the project relied heavily on the communication, compromise and involvement of their entire team. By 2013, over 105 high risk seniors were being provided with 24/7 on-site support, security checks, medication management, homemaking services, personal care and support.

The team has widened their impact by immersing themselves in the community, while providing a safe space to which seniors can connect. Their cross marketing and promotion of other programs has greatly benefited the agency and inspired our other programs and services to do the same. The team’s perseverance, humility and above all their ability to work towards the common goal has demonstrated their commitment to service for their community.

To quote their nominators: “This amazing team has strengthened the Downsview Services for Seniors community as it’s been an example of collaboration at its best.”

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