Barbara Pandza

Barbara Pandza

2017 Leadership Award - Greater Toronto

Program Worker at The Meeting Place

West Neighbourhood House

Nominator Comments:

West Neighbourhood House’s “Meeting Place” is a drop-in program that supports people who have significant barriers, including mental health and addiction, in their lives. During a time of particular challenge, Barbara displayed her exceptional leadership capacity in her role as acting coordinator by ensuring support for agency staff, minimal disruption to the agency’s services and keen concern for all involved. Barbara took on these additional responsibilities on top of her regular duties as a program worker, and since transitioning out of this role, has provided excellent counsel and support to the new coordinator. As a case manager, Barbara has also demonstrated remarkable communication skills, and has the ability to share complex information in an easy-to-understand way. And the best part? She does so in at least three languages!

To quote her nominators: “The success of Barbara’s stewardship depended almost entirely on the respect and authority her colleagues extend to her. Barbara has earned this over almost 10 years of peer leadership at the Meeting Place; 10 years of modelling dedication to her colleagues and compassionate practice to the members.”

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