Barrington Care and Recovery Center

Barrington Care and Recovery Center

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Amy Mackinnon and Team, Barrington

Nominator Comments:

During the historic wildfire in our community Amy and her team set up the local arena as a care center for the displaced. They organized food, clothing and care for all that walked through the door. There was no playbook on this, so she used her incredible talent to figure it out. From the work Amy did at the rink she continued to create the Barrington Community Care and recovery center that has become an integral part of our community. From coffee time, book clubs, community suppers and mental health supports I cannot imagine where we would be without her., During the wildfire Amy had an 18-wheeler refrigerator truck arrive with frozen food. She contacted me and my team was able to staff the truck until all the food had been dispersed. We are sending clients to each other to make sure we can help with all our needs. As a new nonprofit we at Villagedale Community Association were established in 2022 are so thrilled to continue to collaborate with Amy and her team in Barrington as well as her Our House team in Shelburne to make Shelburne County a happier, healthier place to live.

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