Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson

2009 Leadership Award - Toronto

Social Planning Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Beth Wilson is remarkably talented in her role as researcher at Social Planning Toronto. Her seven years experience have allowed her to become the strong and effective leader that she is today. Beth empowers others, providing opportunities that challenge and inspire. She never complains and yet she does more than her share of duties. In partnership with the Wellesley Institute and the Social Assistance in the New Economy (SANE), Beth researched to help with the production of two important reports “Poverty is Making Us Sick” and “Sick and Tired” which helped draw attention to the crisis of poverty in Ontario.

To quote her nominators: “Calm, tactful and incredibly hardworking she is able to steer any ship without upsetting the organizational balance, able to lead without being in the spotlight. Beth’s strong commitment to social justice is reflected in her dedication to her work in support of marginalized individuals and communities. She knows – and shares – her facts, and uses them to promote equity, fairness, and compassion for all.”

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