Bonnie Hill receiving Bhayana award

Bonnie Hill

2019 Dedication Award - Halifax

SHYM Live-in Support Worker


Nominator Comments:

Bev is co-executive director of our Halifax-Dartmouth branch, where she manages two social clubs. She works tirelessly to ensure the clubs have the necessary resources to operate effectively, always putting people first.

Everyone around her is inspired to work for change because Bev “walks the talk.” One minute she may be participating in a kitchen party with members of our social clubs, and the next heading to a meeting to help organize a forum about mental health concerns.

Her experience in providing person-centred care for marginalized adults living with mental illness and mental health problems has led Bev to become an advocate. She is passionate about improving our chronically underfunded and fragmented health care and addictions system, and in championing the social determinants of health.

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