Bonnie Hill receiving Bhayana award

Bonnie Hill

2019 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

SHYM Live-in Support Worker


Nominator Comments:

Bonnie is the live-in residence coordinator at Supportive Housing for Young Mothers where she responds to the needs of SHYM moms after hours and on weekends.

Bonnie’s caring nature means she goes above and beyond her job description on a regular basis: organizing a sewing program, teaching residents about preparing healthy food, child-minding while a mom packs for an upcoming move, and serving as in-house photographer.

Bonnie is there in the wee hours of the night for SHYM moms when they are their most vulnerable, such as when a mom goes into labour or brings a new baby back from the hospital and is scared or doesn’t know what to do when her baby won’t stop crying.

Her unofficial title of “House Mom” is well-earned.

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