Bukola Ojemakinde

Bukola Ojemakinde

2023 Innovative Leadership Award - Calgary

Executive Director

Bridge to Oasis Foundation

Nominator Comments:

Bukola brought Bridge to Oasis Foundation to life during the pandemic, noting the lack of supports for Black and African seniors in the city that was exacerbated with the effects of isolation. Bridge to Oasis is a grassroots organization relying on the Black and African community to support each other while also partnering with established organizations in the city. This work resulted in greater opportunities to learn about community resources and services and provide wider gathering opportunities to learn from other communities.

Bukola understands that the needs of Black and African seniors are often not heard. Bridge to Oasis aims to bring these needs forward by amplifying their voices and advocating for them at various tables in a manner that educates stakeholders and moves the ball forward in understanding how to better serve this population. She is highly engaged and active in various spaces bringing forward the voices of these seniors to tables that she feels will benefit from hearing the diverse stories and better understanding how to best support these seniors.

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