Case Management Team (Homefront)

2020 Partnership, Collaboration & Connection (C) Award - Calgary


Nominator Comments:

Frontline workers are at the core of HomeFront’s services and the work they do is incredibly impactful for families and victims of domestic violence in our city. The Case Management Team demonstrates partnership, collaboration and connection – this is central to success in the intervention and prevention of family violence in our city.

HomeFront partners with police, the justice system and various community partners to provide support to families impacted by domestic violence after they have been in contact with the police and the case is entering the justice system. We have always co-located with our police and crown partners, and this allowed for smooth, effective and easy partnerships and collaboration on files. This year, with the challenges of the pandemic, HomeFront moved to a work from home format and while we had concerns that this could create barriers for some of this important collaborative work, we can say that our Case Management Team rose to the occasion and adapted incredibly quickly to ensure that these partnerships remain strong.

One great example of how HomeFront’s Case Management team implemented a creative and innovative approach to collaboration with partners was when HomeFront was contacted by the Crown Prosecutor in Saskatchewan about a victim of domestic violence who had fled and was now residing in Calgary. The Crown was looking for supports for this victim who was required to testify via video conferencing. Due to limited resources at the Calgary Courts Centre, the Saskatchewan Crown received permission for the victim to testify in the HomeFront Office through video call. The HomeFront Case Management team stepped up to provide services, trial support and resources for this client, while effectively collaborating with the Crown in Saskatchewan to ensure that everything was prepared and ready to go for the testimony. Following the testimony, the victim told the HomeFront Case Manager that she felt much more at ease giving testimony with HomeFront’s support. 

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