Cathy Providence

2008 Dedication Award - Toronto

Tropicana Community Services

Nominator Comments:

Cathy consistently demonstrates her ability to motivate and inspire others and always provides excellent service to clients. As the ultimate team player she shares her knowledge and encourages others to think outside the box. She strives to develop her staff by seeking out opportunities for continuous improvement. Team spirit and staff moral within her department are at an all time high. As a result of Cathy’s spirit and enthusiasm, there is greater cohesiveness and interdepartmental collaboration on joint projects. She is also known as the “go-to” person for agency-wide recreation and fun activities.

To quote her nominators, “Cathy goes beyond the call of duty to make staff in the agency feel comfortable, often finding time to ask how the individual is doing. She is extremely considerate and always has a way of making every person she interacts with feel as if he or she is extremely special. When she is told how her actions have a positive impact on the our agency’s work, she reacts in a humble manner, as if she did not go out of her way to do anything at all.”

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