Child and Family Support Services Team

2008 Dedication Award - Toronto

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office

Nominator Comments:

TNO’s Child and Family Support Services is comprised of many programs, including the Ontario Early Years Centre and Violence Against Women. What is remarkable about this team is that they go beyond the call of duty to help others. When it comes to compassion, they don’t see boundaries or reservations. Even when they know that they are not able to change this one particular client, an older lady that comes to TNO with many problems all the time, they do everything they can and continually improve her quality of life, embracing her like one would a grandmother.

To quote their nominators, “This team is known for caring and compassion. They communicate in a way that keeps everybody in the loop, feeling important and valued. They are of different ages and cultural backgrounds but what they bring is unity. The don’t talk about teamwork – they live it. They also neither expect nor get pats on the back. This is the reason why we are nominating them for an award – we want to make them feel special and to say thank you on behalf of clients and coworkers. This team has become a role model for other teams and the entire community.”

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