Chris Pike

Chris Pike

2013 Leadership Award - Toronto

Anishnawbe Health Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Chris is recognized for his leadership when he took on the role as Team Lead during a time of great change and rapid growth at Anishnawbe Health Toronto. He exemplifies a strengths-based, person-centered practitioner, and this translates into his work with both clients and staff. His commitment to responsible, ethical, and informed care has helped create clear communication among staff where all members take an active role in ensuring that the program functions in the best way possible. He demonstrates respect, kindness and compassion in all of his interactions. Due to the history of the Aboriginal population, including colonization and the residential school system, there are many factors which influence a person’s willingness to seek help and “open up” in a clinical setting. Chris’ humility, willingness to share personal experience, and stance of non-judgement assists people in feeling relaxed, comfortable, and safe.

To quote his nominators: “We have the privilege of working with Chris and watching what can happen when you mix potential with hard work and ability. His passion for the community and for the work we do helping to restore tradition, culture, dignity and health to people of the First Nations has positively changed the lives of individuals, families, the Anishnawbe community and the wider community of the GTA.”

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