Circle of Care Call Centre Team

Circle of Care Call Centre Team

2011 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

Circle of Home Care Services

Nominator Comments:

The Circle of Care Call Centre team is a relatively new team in terms of both staff roles and as an entity in the agency. The team is made up of a supervisor, three customer service representatives and four intake specialists. The team was formed in January 2011 and is the first point of contact for all calls, inquiries and new referrals to the agency for all services. The team has purposely and thoughtfully created a sportive team culture of respect, knowledge sharing and support. Prior to the formation of the Call Centre, each team member brought with them a unique body of knowledge and expertise that they were able to bring to the team. The team receives an average of over 400 calls per day. The Call Centre has become the hub of the organization. Its role is instrumental for the success of the agency, as well as improving outcomes for clients. For example, their expertise was able to inform the new subsidy process. This has resulted in improved services and reduced cost for low income clients, who are often vulnerable seniors struggling to maintain their independence at home. Because of the hard work of the Call Centre team, over 60 subsidy assessments were completed in less than two months, and low-income seniors were able to access services at a reduced and more affordable rate.

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