2010 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Team Achievement

Nadeesha Watawala, LaToya Morgan, Dahab Hagos

Nominator Comments:

Nominated for delivering one of the most relevant, comprehensive and engaging youth leadership programs in Toronto; the team, Nadeesha, LaToya and Dahab work tirelessly to champion this United Way initiative and youth across our city — especially those living in the 13 priority neighbourhoods.

They are an exceptional team who actively support each other and work together, demonstrating an outstanding dedication to success through their professionalism.

Highly energetic and innovative, their commitment to United Way and their team is unparalleled. They exemplify what a team means because even though they each have different perspectives and strengths, they pull together for a common goal.

Through the collaborative efforts of Dahab, LaToya and Nadeesha, three cohorts comprised of close to 100 CITY Leaders have graduated from the program — an achievement that could not have happened without the planning, passion, and creativity of these three remarkable people. Together, they have taken CITY Leaders to a new level. Those who have had the pleasure of being part of CITY Leaders count themselves as fortunate enough to have worked with this fabulous team. They have created an inspirational experience for graduates with their encouragement, support, empowering youth and setting them up for success at every opportunity.

To quote their nominators: “CITY Leaders is an excellent example of a United Way program that has shaped community impact for youth, newcomers and neighbourhoods. It is a pleasure working with this talented group of individuals. CITY Leaders realizes the mission, values and goals of UWT and Nadeesha, Dahab and LaToya have made that happen.”

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