Claudette Colley

Claudette Colley

2017 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

East Preston Day Care and Family Resource Centre

Nominator Comments:

Claudette constantly continues to support our community youth and adults to reach high to succeed in life. She is forever making new connections and building on partnerships to help enhance the wellbeing of our clients and our organization. She works hard with youth at a time that society continues to look down on youth who struggle with many obstacles within their lives. I often say thank God for Claudette who never judges our youth and the families that she works with. We are blessed to have her on staff. In recent years Claudette had a battle with cancer and throughout her illness she continued to put the youth before herself. Often times I had to tell her not to worry we would take care of her babies. We are truly blessed to have Claudette as part of our team.

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