Client Services Team

Client Services Team

2009 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

West Toronto Support Services (WTSS)

Nominator Comments:

With respect for individual diversity, their strengths, and talents – the WTSS client services team thrive at Silver Circle. They create a welcoming atmosphere for the clients and have an overwhelming positive energy which extends throughout the community. The team has had to work through hardships associated with transition but they always maintained their strong dedication to providing the necessary support for their clients and their needs. The team’s diversity is seen as an asset that is used to enhance their service provision – the team members don’t hesitate to take time out of their day to assist teammates with the translation of client needs.

To quote their nominators: “The Client Services team goes beyond the call of work duty to ensure that the work that needs to be done is completed in a timely way and with heart. Respect for individual diversity, strengths and talents are evident as the WTSS Client Service team members flourish in this environment and are more creative with solutions for their clients.”

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