Colleen MacIsaac

Colleen MacIsaac

2020 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Development Committee Member

The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op

Nominator Comments:

Our organization’s mandate is to provide accessible space for all artists, with a particular focus on emerging artists, while acting as a community hub in north end Halifax. Colleen’s own career as a theatre artist has depended on the presence and mandate of our theatre. Colleen has dedicated much of her time and energy since then to ensure that others around her and after her can benefit from the same opportunities provided to her by ensuring the survival of our theatre and growth of our organization. Colleen has never said “no” to any request and always stands out within our organization as someone who is not only relentlessly dedicated to its success but motivates others to share in her passion.

As a visual artist and illustrator, Colleen has also often donated her work for our use or for fundraising auctions. She has also often made numerous financial donations to our organization without prompting. I cannot think of anyone more dedicated to an arts organization’s mandate and success than Colleen. Much media and public attention has been brought to the recent success of our organization after a long journey against the odds. There is no doubt in my mind that our success would not have been possible without her loyal and energetic contributions to our mission. She truly is an invisible champion.

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