Community Partnership

Community Partnership

2012 Partnership Award - Toronto

Bridge to Success (B2S) Project Partnership

Nominator Comments:

The Bridge to Success (B2S) Project Partnership works toward raising the bar on youth academic success by providing educational enhancement support for grade 9 students and other students deemed academically or socially at risk. These students develop youth leadership capacity and civic engagement knowledge. The program also provides networking opportunities for youth to achieve overall success. The program improves the life and educational options for youth in Jamestown and gives hope to youth and their families for a better quality of life, while addressing systemic barriers, that those experiencing poverty face in Jamestown is key to the success of this partnership. Members of the B2S partnership foster a sense of common purpose to address these root causes by way of a number of methods and best practices. The partnership provides expanded curriculum enhancement opportunities for youth who face multiple barriers to success, improves community understanding of educational issues and school board practices and increase support mechanisms for youth. Year two of the program has already seen results — 95 per cent of youth indicated that their grades improved since attending the program.

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