The Davenport West Bike Project

The Davenport West Bike Project

2011 Community-Building Award - Toronto

Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre, The Stop Community Food Centre, CultureLink, Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop, My First Wheels, and Bike Pirates

Nominator Comments:

The Davenport West Bike Project has contributed significantly to the community over the past year by engaging a diverse range of community members, including seniors, youth, newcomers, local businesses, and media, and long-term residents around active living in the inner suburbs. Residents have been directly involved in education, promotion and engagement toward a healthier lifestyle in the community. They have developed and contributed talent, skills, time and resources to help expand bike culture in the community. Some of their accomplishments include: over 50 bikes have been repair and donated to the community; helping those with low or fixed income enjoy the benefits of cycling; 13 clinics have functioned as forums to both help children and adults to get basic bike maintenance and repair knowledge and support; several interactive community workshops were held; and group bike rides to help promote the benefits of cycling and a healthy lifestyle provided the opportunity for families and children to become more engaged and physically active. The response to the Bike Project has been overwhelmingly positive.

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