Corey Wright receives Bhayana award.

Corey Wright

2019 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Transition Support Worker

The John Howard Society

Nominator Comments:

As a Transition Support Worker of the John Howard Society and a volunteer with 902ManUp, Corey has been involved intensively in his community since his release from incarceration.

His participation in an improvised play was a key activity that created community support for 902ManUp, an organization of “real men giving real time making real change”. By sharing his own very personal and challenging story, Corey helps others connect to the issues faced by incarcerated people.

Corey has been instrumental in interrupting cycles of incarceration and their impacts on African Nova Scotian communities. He understands the issues faced by individuals, families and communities affected by incarceration, and he is uniquely positioned to create lasting, positive impacts in addressing these issues.

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