Cosimo Schiafone

Cosimo Schiafone

2015 Dedication Award - York Region

The Vitanova Foundation

Nominator Comments:

Cos has been employed at Vitanova since 1994. He was hired thanks to a one-year Jobs Ontario grant and became a permanent employee at the end of the grant, having shown he was always ready to do the best for Vitanova – which didn’t want to lose him! In the more than 20 years that have followed, he has proven to be a solid worker – accepting assignments without question, tackling challenges with determination, and always demonstrating loyalty to the organization and the clients it serves. Indeed, he has a unique gift of connecting with clients who quickly come to trust him – so important when it comes to convincing them that recovery is their best hope for the future. Given his manual skills, he was also assigned a second job when Vitanova moved to its current premises in 1995. He is the facility manager, who looks after the building and grounds (and the first person volunteers meet when they come for a day of caring!).

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