Dalu Ndlovu

Dalu Ndlovu

2019 Partnership Award - Greater Toronto

Outreach Director

The Vitanova Foundation

Nominator Comments:

Dalu developed and implemented the first opioid in-patient treatment program in Vaughan. He leads a team of ten who create community support services that enhance access to opioid treatment programs.

Dalu has initiated partnerships with more than 15 schools and agencies to provide awareness and support to individuals who are struggling with mental health and addiction. This includes a partnership with Jane Alliance Neighbourhood Services to support the recovery, health and wellbeing of individuals or families who identify with substance use, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, or who are unable to access traditional treatment programs.

His colleagues describe him as a well-respected and much-loved community leader, passionate, and with a genuine commitment to equality and community empowerment. Through his work, Dalu has brought individuals from all ages and walks of life together and has inspired them to become agents of positive change.

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