Darrel Roemer

Darrel Roemer

2016 Leadership Award - Lower Mainland

Rehabilitation & Resource Manager

New View Society

Nominator Comments:

Darrell Roemer has been with New View Society for over 20 years, in various official and unofficial leadership roles.

When our Executive Director passed away in a sudden and tragic accident earlier this year, Darrell took charge of the organization, ensuring that New View continued to run smoothly, and no members suffered through lack of service during this incredibly challenging time. His ability to step in and lead his colleagues, and New View Society, in this time of grief was truly inspiring to all, and continues to be as Darrell volunteers his weekends to build a memorial fountain in memory of our previous Executive Director. Darrell empowers his colleagues, staff, and New View’s members, by recognizing the potential and strengths in each person, and creating an environment to support them in becoming all they can be. Darrell shows leadership by working alongside staff in the organization’s ‘grunt’ work.

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