Dartmouth Adult Service Center (DASC)

Dartmouth Adult Service Center (DASC)

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Imagination at Work  during Covid
During COVID our clients were asked to stay home for long periods of time. The staff took their full-time programming that they provide in-person and were able to adapt it so that their clients could still take part. For example, the staff made up individual craft kits for each client and dropped them off at their house, they included instructions (adapted to the individuals’ ability) then hosted a virtual call where anyone who wanted or was able to participate got to do it with not only their housemates and staff but also their peers that they were unable to be in person with due to COVID.
The staff team went out of their way to use the digital space to create quality program for their clients while they were at home. They utilized zoom, google meet, and email. They hosted many virtual zoom parties and meetings. They hosted virtual, music, yoga, dance and exercise class. They hosted virtual tours of different zoos and Disneylands. They had themed days and ensured they dropped off accessories at the clients’ homes to participate. They really made a whole lot from a little. They were able to maintain communication and relationships during a long isolating period and went above and beyond anything I have ever seen. This staff team was incredible.

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