Debra Langleben

2017 Innovation Award - Peel


Hope 24/7

Nominator Comments:

One of Debra’s most impressive contributions over this past year has been the development of Hope 24/7’s Intimate Partner Violence Group, a four-week, psycho-educational therapy group for all clients who have been affected by this violence.

The great thing about this group is that it is open to all clients, including those still sitting on the waitlist. This is especially helpful because they can start to work through their traumatic experience prior to beginning individual therapy. The group provides education on what is intimate partner violence, giving survivors a deeper understanding of the impact of power and control. It also explores common reasons why people may stay in violent relationships and validates the participants’ feelings/situations.

Lastly, the group covers healthy relationships with a focus on equality and provides tools for building future relationships. Survivors get the chance to connect with each other and gain external support – two things that are extremely important for people who don’t already have a strong support system in place.

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