Donna Poirier

Donna Poirier

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Shelter Nova Scotia

Nominator Comments:

Donna is an important part of Shelter Nova Scotia, having worked for the organization (and its predecessors) for 38 years. Donna is part of the fabric of Shelter Nova

Scotia, and in particular, Metro Turning Point (MTP), one of the organizations six facilities, where she has worked out of since its inception. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Donna has worked from home at points, and MTP hasn’t been the same without her.

I have no doubt that if you asked any of the over 150 clients Donna currently serves or any of the hundreds of clients she has served over the years if Donna provides exceptional service, I bet you would get positive reviews! Donna has a heart of gold, and it comes across in the service she provides Some words her colleagues have used to describe Donna are caring, well-respected, supportive, compassionate, thoughtful. These qualities come across to her clients when she asks about their lives and remembers the little details, they have shared with her so she can ask about them again, making meaningful relationships.

The mission of Shelter Nova Scotia is to provide a safe place to stay for those in need, supporting people while they transition from crisis, back into the community.  Donna cares deeply about keeping people safely housed and has advocated on behalf of countless people who are looking for a safe place to stay and has helped them through housing crises, remaining calm and leading them to the help they need. She sees each person as an individual and tailors the service to the person, meeting them where they are and working with what they need. She is a go-to person at Metro Turning Point – everyone loves Donna. She has been called a work-mother, compassionate, kind, positive. Shelter Nova Scotia (and specifically Metro Turning Point) wouldn’t be the same without her.  She makes people laugh with her quick-wit and her love of laughter. I think it is one of the many reasons people are drawn to her.

A champion through and through!

(These excerpts have been taken from the Nominators’ writeups.)

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