DRM 4 Equity Working Group

DRM 4 Equity Working Group

2021 Culture Award - Greater Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Adam Hess, Alpa Patel, Lyndsay Nugent, Monika Go, Nayeon Kim, Samra Habib | Nominated by Nicole McVan, Mary Cranston, Rosalind Franklin, and Alka Graham

This group, committed to leading this work, represented the communities we serve and set a model for a future of philanthropy that is built in solidarity with our communities and each other. Going beyond by building a clear transformational plan and trailblazing in the UW movement and across the sector to do equity work, which is extremely hard work and is unending in nature. The team consulted across UWGT and externally to develop strategies of equity and inclusion and develop outcomes. Their direction, collaboration and foundational approach is bringing important alignment across constituent donor and community positioning. The group is recognized for their aim, effort, and steps taken to improve both the composition of and conversations within Campaign and Major Giving Cabinet. The group has helped DRM aspire to and make space for equitable and inclusive narratives that are asset-based, rooted in truth and solidarity with community, and compelling. They let go of problematic practices in philanthropy and marketing that are oppressive and have improved and influenced the donor experience by focusing on systemic barriers, systems change, continuous training, and conversations that incorporate an equity-based lens.

The team has created a safer, supportive, and inclusive space within the DRM department and has been essential in fostering a culture of belonging, retention and representation of equity deserving groups. Through their work of listening to their colleagues, tangible actions were identified to support the DRM staff, and continue building a more equitable and inclusive culture. The strategies are now embedded in the 2022/23 DRM business planning and are a transformative and significant part of our Now, New Next Roadmap.

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