Elizabeth Chute

Elizabeth Chute

2022 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Sou'West Nova Transit Association

Nominator Comments:

Elizabeth is extremely focused on helping folks being served and folks serving have and safe and positive experience. Because of our small fleet and capacity, booking trips is much more chess than checkers, and she has become a chess master, finding creative ways to accommodate the most essential requests even when it might mean undoing and redoing significant previous efforts to fit things in. And she also has chosen to serve as a volunteer driver, meaning that when things go sideways due to something like an unexpectedly long wait time at a doctor that throws our schedule out of whack, she has often chosen to go

off-duty as dispatcher, get in her car, and complete a local trip to keep the schedule moving! And if something goes really wrong in a day and a driver has a bad experience, Elizabeth really takes the time to listen and learn to avoid those pitfalls in the future and has been known to also bake brownies or other sweets to give to the driver as a pick-me-up!

As a registered charity serving primarily low-income folks, our budget for “extras” is minimal. But Elizabeth has a way of talking a small amount of money and turning it into meaningful expressions – of thanks, of sympathy, of recognition, and of celebration -for our team members, riders, and community partners. She is truly “gifted” at gift giving, but not just in material ways; her care, concern, and affection for those she serves and serves alongside is so genuine and tangible on its own!

Sou’West Nova Transit’s mandate is transportation, but our reason for being is CONNECTION — connecting people with services, their community, and each other. Technically, Elizabeth’s primary responsibilities are to register riders, book

transportation, and supervise volunteer drivers for our rural transportation service. But she has chosen to go beyond that. Elizabeth has also become an important point of contact for some of our riders who might not be aware that there are community supports available that would benefit them and has facilitated countless referrals to help make folks’ lives better. Elizabeth loves our organization and cares deeply for the people we serve and serve alongside. She believes in the work and has given so much of herself to see our organization and our team succeed. She has chosen to make her role not just a job, but an outlet for her servant’s heart. We are so lucky to have her as a part of our team!

(These excerpts have been taken from the Nominators’ writeups.)

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