Ensuring Service Continuity to Vulnerable Adults

Ensuring Service Continuity to Vulnerable Adults

2022 Team Achievement Award - Greater Toronto

Creating Alternatives

Nominator Comments:

Because the organization services adults with developmental disabilities, it was crucial that the programs and support services offered continued without interruption when the community was hit by several waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ensure that this vulnerable population group continued to be supported. Because the imposed upon restrictions were unprecedented, the organization and its staff were not prepared to be met with increased needs from its existing service users, to be asked to service new families, and to have to offer new and additional services in order to meet the demands from families. The team quickly pulled together to not only ensure that the most vulnerable were serviced, but they also connected and checked-in routinely on every single family serviced to ensure that the participants were engaged, monitored, and flagged if they noticed signs of deterioration. The team developed new ways to address participant needs as they arose, and determined how to respond to new families in need of support or in crisis. Many took on roles and tasks that were beyond their level of comfort and expertise, in an effort to contribute to and help the organization achieve its mission. This team spirit was incredible to witness.

The small team of staff continuous work hard and always prioritized the participants’ and their families’ needs. They always strive to “make it work somehow” . Their efforts are noticed by the community and the word on the street right now is for those who are still waiting to be served elsewhere to check out Creating Alternatives. The impact is a 44% increase in service volumes from its pre-pandemic state (February 2020) to the beginning of 2022. There is currently a waiting list that is kept as the demand from the community exceeds what the small team of staff and organization can offer. The staff are dedicated, hard working, and puts the needs of the families and participants are the forefront. This team of front line staff always put the organization’s values and mission at the forefront of their decision-making, and whenever they interact with the participants, their families and stakeholders. The staff are very dedicated to the participants and the families that they serve,  and are always on the lookout to see how they can help each individual reach their full potential. It is amazing to see such a cohesive and synergic team.

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