Fran Blacklaws

Fran Blacklaws

2014 Innovation & Creativity Award - Calgary

Nominator Comments:

Fran Blacklaws is instrumental in the smooth running of United Way of Calgary and Area, and key to the polished front we present to the community. Lucy Miller regularly remarks that Fran is the best partner she has ever had; a sentiment that is shared across the organization. Fran came into her current role in the spring of 2012 as a temporary employee and was hired full-time a few months later. Fran is a single amazing employee who carries the workload of two people with perfection and jov. She is always challenging existing assumptions by looking for ways to get things done more efficiently and effectively. Fran has a gift for detail and constantly overachieves. United Way is lucky to have Fran Blacklaws. We are very pleased to present her with the Bhayana Innovation & Creativity Award.

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